Social distancing offers discovery of lifelong interests


Itzel Viramontes

Materials senior Itzel Viramontes uses to make necklaces to avert boredom during the Covid-19 quarantine.

Itzel Viramontes, Head Photographer

The schedule that social distancing demands allows students to explore interests that they didn’t have time for. Exploring artistic skills to learning a new language are some of the hobbies that people have started amid quarantine.

“I started painting more often during this break. I would do little drawings here and there but never really used paint, but I remember coming back from a camping trip feeling pretty inspired and creative enough to paint,” senior Mia Abril said. “When I’m painting I’m in the moment, no worries while music plays in the background. It keeps me busy during the day and keeps my mind occupied.”

People are diving into lifelong interests.

“I started cooking after I began looking at recipes online and got inspired,” junior Abel Ochoa said. “I think that I’ll be able to expand my skill after quarantine ends. I’ll be able to have my own recipes for the rest of my life.”

Others choose to challenge themselves in even larger ways.

“I started learning Scottish Gaelic, the native language of Scotland. I’ve always been attracted to the culture. A foreign language that is going extinct can be quite intriguing, but also difficult to learn since resources are limited,” senior Ulices Villalobos said.

These new interests are not only helping students get over their boredom but it’s also helping them develop a broader sense of culture.

“I’ve been able to be a bit more exposed to cultural differences. There are a few movies and video games where they use Gaelic phrases. For some reason I feel like Scottish Gaelic is something I’ll be holding on to for the long run,” Villalobos said. 

These new hobbies are a distraction from the things that the pandemic has cut off.

“It’s been difficult staying at home and missing all the senior activities. Missing friends and school in general most of the time,” senior Ana Ricarte said. “We are all bored without being able to go out. Usually we don’t have the time to try new things but now we have time to spare.”

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