Learn something new during quarantine


Following a tutorial video about the basics of drawing keeps this student occupied while learning a new skill during quarantine.

Citlali Viramontes, Reporter

With the stay-at-home order being enforced, everyone is restricted from outside distractions. Some would say it’s difficult, but it can be easy to keep one’s mood up during quarantine.

Staying home for weeks means having a lot of time, so it may be time to learn a new skill. Do something new. With advanced technology at our fingertips, it is simple to use the internet to search tutorials about literally anything. Learn the basics of drawing, bake a cake, knit a scarf, make a bracelet, learn a dance; the list goes on. After learning how to do something new, perfect that skill. Even if it’s hard to accomplish anything, it doesn’t hurt to at least try.

Being in isolation from the world doesn’t necessarily mean being alone. It means having the time to work and do things for yourself. Exercise, and  physical activity is good to take one’s mind off of frustrations. Apart from being physically healthy, exercising simply makes one  feel good to do something for ourselves. Take time to run in the backyard, look up workout videos, do something as easy as following workout sets off the internet. If exercise just doesn’t do it, dance to your favorite music, or have a lip sync battle with siblings to uplift the mood. Getting out of bed is a really good distraction for the mind in general.

Teenagers find comfort in changing their appearance. Cut your hair, dye it, or try an extreme hairdo. Other distractions include dressing up elegantly for no reason, try extreme makeup looks, paint finger nails a wild color. Get out of the comfort zoneto escape the boring. Quarantine is the perfect time to explore new looks and learn a new skill.

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