Staying healthy through quarantine


Blanca Munoz

One can find exercise videos on youtube, as well as online recipes, and meditation exercises.

Blanca Munoz, Reporter

Food preparation is a thing many struggle with through quarantine. Figuring out what to cook every day can be stressful. Online one can find recipes daily., provides healthy recipes for every hour of the day. Eating healthy is important, one must eat at least three times a day. Often people eat one meal a day, with the idea that it will help them lose weight, but it’s false. Eating less only makes the body want more. Instead of eating one meal a day, use smaller plates, this way the brain will think there’s a lot, since the plate is full. According to U.S News, dieting is rarely effective. The desire of wanting to eat can cause stress eating as well as mental issues causing diet backlash. This occurs when one purposely avoids certain food, making it more desirable.

Exercise is a vital part in maintaining health. Students stay healthy by participating in sports, and students walk a lot during their school schedule. Now that all activities are canceled, and classes are on line, one must find a way to replace that exercise. At home one can engage in a workout routine. Pinterest has many options for workouts, ranging from easy to hardest. Setting a goal motivates one to take action. For those who were in sports, workout routines would be the best choice. People who did not play sports might want to start with something easier and build endurance with yoga. YouTube has many yoga videos, some focus only on yoga. Yoga with Adriene is an account with many videos, some have monthly goals, such as increased flexibility or balance. It’s easy to find a daily video for each day. 

Mental health is also important. During times of stress, the mind can be affected. Meditation can help by letting the mind rest. The relaxed state of meditation helps decrease metabolism, lower blood pressure, improve heart rate, breathing and brain waves. Meditation helps decrease anxiety in people. It improves immunity and boosts one’s mood and improves memory, learning and conscious perception. 

Caring four one’s  health depends on one’s choices. Physical, emotional, and mental health are all equally important. Emotions tend to control the way one carries on with life. Writing down thoughts can help one understand feelings more clearly. One can always look back to see what one has been through and stay motivated to keep going.

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