DV Reads looks to name change


Itzel Viramontes

Librarian Elena Ortega, book club members Adan Aranda and Lilia Castruita discuss meeting time changes.

Destiny Martinez, Reporter

  When some hear the name DV Reads they might know it is a book club, but both the sponsor Elena Ortega and the club want to spread the word that the book club isn’t just about reading.  

 “We’re trying to get more students to join the book club and the members feel that with the name DV Reads some kids may not want to be in the club because they think all we do is read at our meetings. We don’t read in our meetings, we discuss the books we are reading at home or on our own. We discuss books we have finished reading. “DV Reads” is a little misleading so we thought of changing the name,” Ortega said.

 The book club wants to encourage students to join.

 “We discussed reasons kids are not coming to our club. Some reasons might be because it’s after school. Club members said it might be because of the name,” Ortega said.                                                                                          

The club agrees the name may be misleading.  

“We are hoping that by changing the meetings to lunch time and by changing the name it will encourage more kids to be part of the book club,” Ortega said.

By changing the meetings to a different time perhaps students will join the book club. 

“The culture of the book club is really good right now. We are just trying to grow because it’s small and I know there are a lot of students that read. They might not be aware that we have a club where we discuss books. Readers get excited when they finish a book they want to tell somebody about it and other readers understand. Our club is a safe place to do so,” Ortega said 

DV Reads wants to grow and inform students that the club isn’t all about reading, but is about coming together and discussing books.

 “The club is meeting during lunch every Wednesday to attract more members. We are also in the process of changing our club name to lure in students to join,”sophomore Adan Aranda said.

 Aranda said the club is trying different things to bring in members.

“We felt that we needed a new name. We also felt that students thought all we do is read if the word “book” was on the name,” Aranda said.                                                                                                                                                                                                  

 Adan feels that the word “book” can be misinterpreted.       

“For our first lunch meeting we were about seven club members, but by our third lunch meeting we were over 10 members,”Aranda said.

Changing the club meetings to a different time has brought in more members to the book club.

“It would be wonderful if we could get about 20 members for our first lunch and 20 members for the second lunch that would be funomenal,” Ortega said.

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