Math department welcomes a new teacher


Azael A. Gomez

Algebra 1 and 2 teacher Georgina Luna with her Study Skills students sophomores Diego Gutierrez, Jesus Saucedo and Daniela Cardenas.

Evelyn Perez, Reporter

        Going to a new school can be nerve racking, scary, even frightening. A new school can also be a new place to find success. Algebra I and II teacher Georgina Luna joined the math department Jan. 7.       

      “Dv is a lot of fun, a good community. I came to Dv when I was in high school and it’s very different from before,” Luna said.

        Luna taught Geography and Pre-calculus previously.

        “I have been teaching math two and a half years,” Luna said.

         She has expectations for herself and her students.

       “I want students to understand the community and put the work to it,” Luna said.  “I teach them to solve problem and develop problem solving skills in the future.”

       Teachers have different preferences when it comes to teaching.

       “I like to teach high school students because of the age group. I help them with  what needs to be done,” Luna said. 

       Sophomore Cassandra Saenz is one of Luna’s students who wants to accomplish more with math. 

        “Luna can help me by explaining how to do something I don’t understand and if I ever need help I know I can ask for help with her, “ Saenz said.  

         Students look up to their teachers to be inspired for success. 

         “She has accomplished her dreams at a young age and she might have struggled but has gotten where she wants to be,” Saenz said.

         When students choose their passion in life, teachers want to help.        

         “I think Luna can help me be successful because I’m going to need a lot of math with whatever career I pick and taking an accounting class and her fast methods help me a lot,’’ Saenz said. 

         Sophomore Angel Ramirez is also Luna’s student who believes the class is her key for success. 

         “I think Luna helps others and me with what she teaches because what she teaches will help us to be better by solving problems in the real world,” Ramirez said.

         Luna’s goal is to prepare students for the future.

         “When deciding what to be I think that every career has a part of math, which makes me feel good because Luna can prepare her students for what is coming,” Ramirez said.

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