Students, staff work to reduce paper use


Diego Mendez

Students phones help save paper and take care of our environment.

Diego Mendez, Reporter

Students may have been confused upon arriving from winter break to find that schedules were no longer printed. Now with the use of technology students only had to login to the Home Access Center (HAC) website to see their schedule.

“This decision was made in part to take care of our environment and to take advantage of the technology we have in our hands,’’ principal Antonio Acuña said.

Some students think that this decision only hinders the ability to know what their new classes are, however they were grateful that the school is concerned about the environment.

“This decision was very good because they are worrying about caring for the trees since our world is slowly running out,’’ senior Dayana Mendez said.

Apart from taking care of the environment and focusing on using less paper, the school will save a lot of money.

“Each box of paper costs $29.99, saving approximately $100 per month, and this can be permanent,’’ scheduling clerk Yvette Hernandez said. 

The technology is taking more and more of us because approximately 90% of high school students have a smartphone.

“If we are taking care of the environment, we are trying to get students to use 

more technology because, as is clear the best majority of students use their phone all the time,’’ Acuña said.

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