Communities offer holiday cheer for homeless


Lilian Miranda

Bicycles that have been bought by different organizations to donate. Dec 20.

Lilian Miranda

A homeless teen is lying under a tree with nothing but leaves scattered on the floor to keep himself warm. A bright blue paper catches his attention on the cold, windy Christmas Eve. 

Communities often come together to form charities to help others who are in need. Providing care and support for homeless people is an important cause that should be available even after the holidays. 

Christmas is about giving and spending time with loved ones, but lending a helping hand to someone in need this time around can make a huge impact in their lives. Even little things such as making homemade gifts can warm one’s heart.

Organizations that donate money for people in need such as the Salvation Army go out ringing bells during Christmas time and welcome people to make a donation at local stores such as Walmart and Big 8. 

In school, student council prepare baskets with donated items and different organizations work with them to purchase bicycles and donate canned goods, and tubes of toothpaste for the baskets. These donations go to children who may not be able to receive a gift this Christmas. 

Doing voluntary work allows homeless to feel like a part of the community and allows volunteers to learn how to help those in need. 

Doing work such as cooking, sorting clothes, and providing a place to stay gives one a chance to interact with men and women to know what is needed for survival. 

Donate gently used items to shelters, purchase a pair of socks to donate too. Give money, every little thing counts. Even if it feels like a small donation, it does make a difference on how the homeless can support themselves. 

As much as people want to make a difference in the world, with so many people living on the streets or in shelters the change needed can be overwhelming. Despite the time it takes, there is a way for everyone to help make a change. 

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