New store brings a sweet taste of rolled ice cream


Sasha Gonzalez

Boy scout ice cream at Fahrenheit 32, Horizon Boulevard.

Sasha Gonzalez, Reporter

Ice cream has changed in so many ways. Forget the typical flavors such as chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. It’s time to think outside the box when it comes to flavors. Ice cream at Fahrenheit 32  is no longer just scooped and placed on top of a cone, the new trend is ice cream that is rolled and placed in a bowl with an unlimited number of delicious toppings. 

Fahrenheit 32 is one of many extraordinary ice cream shops in the city. What makes it so extraordinary is the ice cream isn’t in a tub. It’s made fresh every day. It comes out of a container as a liquid substance. It is poured onto an ice machine set at 32 degrees celsius right in front of the customer. This mixture is chopped, mixed, moved around and rolled as one watches.

This new frozen treat is creamier than scooped ice cream, it’s original and fantastic. The taste of every roll is everlasting. It’s not too frozen, not too sweet and the toppings are not over exaggerated. 

Fahrenheit 32 has three locations in the city including, Horizon City 12855 Horizon Blvd, 12135 Montwood Dr. , and at Joe Battle, 2500 N. Mesa, St. C.  Ice cream lovers be sure to try this treat.

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