Unnatural hair dye, a way to self-express


Marisa Garcia

So many colors, so many choices for a positive change to personal style.

Marisa Garcia, Reporter

Hair can be a personal story and hair dye is one of the tools that can help tell that story. Dress code policy states that no unnatural hair colors are allowed, although what if “unnatural” hair color invigorates one to open up.

Hair dye companies such as Arctic Fox, Good Dye Young and Manic Panic vegan and cruelty-free hair dye promotes how much freedom there can be in a bottle of “unnatural” hair dye, and that liberation is what lets these hair dye companies build a community around self expression, creativity and self love. 

Unnatural hair colors aren’t meant to be distracting. Those colors are meant to show the personality of those who to present them. Colored hair might have started out as a rebellion in the punk rock community, but now it has grown into more of a liberation.  

Hair dye companies made liberation a mission and used it to cultivate an all-inclusive culture that inspires more creativity, community and happiness. As a result, those companies created a huge community of artistic people that has become empowered by tools that encourage self-expression. 

School policy states that no unnatural hair colors are allowed, but students who are invigorated by the crazy and bright hair colors use them to tell a personal story. It’s all about the personality. Colorful hair dye allows some to  feel comfortable in bright, bold colors they identify with. 

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