El Paso’s path to a new start


Kristyn Aguilera

“Grand Candela” memorial at the Walmart on Gateway West.

Kristyn Aguilera, Reporter

The Walmart near Cielo Vista Mall was terrorized August 3, during a mass shooting that resulted in 22 deaths and 24 injuries. One result that was not expected was the exceptional unification of El Paso’s citizens. 

The reopening of this Walmart comes with many emotions but one is the feeling of a new beginning.

“I’ll never forget, but we always have to try to start again,” marketing teacher Gabriela Molina said. “It is hard to go, but I will.”

Citizens from all over town can agree on one thing.

“El Paso is a strong city and this won’t stop us,” fellow citizen and grandmother Maria Reyes said. 

These tragic events have had an affect on many lives but not in the way the city will continue to live.

“I was heartbroken,”  Molina said. “No one should dictate our actions because of our ethnicity.”  

The acts of terror and attempts to divide the community did not overcome the city.

“This tragic situation brought people together, El Paso is together,” Principal Antonio Acuna said. “A shade of color doesn’t make anyone different.”

Walmart has built a memorial “The Grand Candela” to show that this tragedy will never be forgotten. 

“It is a symbol of unity, this memorial reminds people to always be kind,” Acuna said. “The person that did this will not destroy us.”

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