Conquest Journal staff handles broad coverage


Tania Orozco

Alexia Martinez, Kimberly Bloberg,Joshua Del La Riva, Aaron Forti Getting ready to film.

Tania Orozco, Reporter

Conquest Journal is a magazine-style show which produces a new video every week. To be in Conquest Journal students must take two levels of audio/video tech and audio/video production. The roles include media director, technical director, digital journalist, art director and producer. 

Conquest Journal’s goal is to spread awareness.

 “We want to show what clubs and organizations are doing because not a lot of people know what’s going on,” reporter Daniela Garcia said.  

Each student has their own responsibilities to make sure that the show runs smoothly.  

“My role as director is to see that everything is okay. That they are editing, filming, and that they are getting things done,” chief director Jose Ramos said.

Some projects students are working on may be student’s first show. Others are working on films for the two film festivals and contests that are in March. Some of the biggest projects include a short film and Lip Dub that they start planning in February and start filming March through April . 

The staff also operates the Jumbotron at the Conquest Stadium during games.

 “Right now we broadcast football, soccer and we will be broadcasting the Mcdonald’s Basketball Tournament,” Conquest Journal Sponsor Marizol Rivera said.

  Director Miriam Aguilera is in charge of the Jumbotron crew. They are responsible for any event that might require the Jumbotron. The Jumbotron is controlled from the press box above the bleachers.

“I find it cool to be in Conquest Journal because people like to watch our show,” reporter Frank Trillo said.

 Students can watch the shows during lunch, which broadcast on the televisions in the cafeteria. 

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