Tales of a haunted school


Cameron Murguia

Freshmen Nathan Romero and Hugo Page share ghost stories in the theater.

Cameron Murguia, reporter

There are many accounts of hauntings in school. From seniors to freshmen and teachers to custodians, many have a story to tell.

Ghost stories about the school have been told often, but nobody knows why they happen.

“There hasn’t been any origin story on how ghosts (appearances) but it’s interesting that we don’t know and we need to find out what has happened,” senior Miguel Mejia said. 

Yet the ghost stories persist. 

“Everybody seems to tell the same story (they don’t) really change. There are mainly three (types of) stories they all coming from the third floor. I’ve heard that there’s a little girl screaming on the third floor and nobody was at school which is scary not going to lie. Also that they hear footsteps in the hallways and running and things like that.” freshman Tyrome Williams said. 

These stories have stuck with the school for. 

“(The) stories (I’ve heard) come from my dad (because) he used to work here. One time he was mopping and there were footsteps leading up to the window and then they disappeared. He also heard girls screaming on the third floor,” Williams said.

Personal encounters happen to many students.

“I’ve (experienced seeing a ghost) myself. One time I was walking on the third floor and I heard (a) girl screaming and I was looking around and there was nobody there,” Williams said.

Many hauntings seem to happen on the third floor. 

“My brother (told me) that in 2014 at around 6:30 at night he was doing a science project and he saw a ghost in the third floor science hall,” Mejia said.

New additions to the school are not immune to ghost sightings. 

“(A) friend told me that three years ago in November at around 7:30 and she had a volleyball tournament. She got out of the field house and she saw a girl figure from the window of the Fine Arts (hall),” Mejia said. 

Ghost sightings also occur in the theater.

“One night a few years back Mrs. Gutierrez and I were staying (until) about 2 a.m. finishing up painting the set and (at the time) the lights (did not have) sensors. In our office the lights turned off and turned back on like somebody physically moved it and then when we freaked out (and) walked toward (the light switch) the door closed on us like (something) wanted us to leave,” theater teacher Marissa Vasquez-Thurman said.   

Some encounters with ghosts involve moving items.

“I was here with my husband and there was a picture hanging on my wall in the office. It fell off the wall but the nail holding it didn’t fall off the wall, it was like something threw it off of the wall towards me and it landed in the middle of the office,” Thurman said.

Many know about the little girl in the theater. 

“(Mrs.Gutierrez and I) think the ghost is a little girl (because) Mrs.Gutierrez has seen a little girl and she’s heard the voice of a little girl called her,” Thurman said.

These stories have students frightened of potential encounters.

“(I haven’t seen any ghost) and I hope to keep it that way so I don’t get freaked out,” Mejia said.

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