Bonjour! French Honor Society makes a comeback


Marisa Garcia

French Honor Society led by sponsor Francisco Castro, discusses fundraising.

Marisa Garcia, Reporter

Merci! After a two year hiatus, the French Honor Society (FHS) is back and eager to be a part of the school once again. This organization is more than prepared to show the school that they’re back. 

“I’ve always loved anything related to the French culture so when my French teacher, Francisco Castro, introduced the idea of re introducing the French Honor Society, I immediately wanted to be a part of it,” secretary Samantha Alvarado said.

Castro found a large group of kids that showed passion and love for French and with that group he found the motivation to restart the French Honor Society. 

“I wanted to create a channel to spend more time with those students who wanted to show and express how passionate they are for French and its culture,” Castro said. 

Castro not only created a channel but he also created a welcoming environment where French students can be brought closer. 

“It’s like learning about a new and different culture and you also get along with people who also love learning French so it’s such a great, fun and welcoming environment to work in,” FHS member Dyvanna Soria said. 

Castro has put his trust into senior Karla Herra to take on the role of being the president of French Honor Society, and like Soria and Alvarado, Herra has also found that welcoming environment Castro has introduced.   

“I take on a lot of roles and have responsibilities as president so sometimes it can become a stressful environment for me,” Herra said. “Although, I also have the opportunity to bring everyone together and collaborate with others who have a love for French and having those opportunities is what takes the initial stress away and the environment becomes more enjoyable for me.”

FHS has already participated in events like the Homecoming parade, the door decoration contest, and the Homecoming shopping cart contest. FHS members are ready to participate in more school events so everyone is aware that FHS is an organization that wants to welcome more passionate French students to FHS. 

“I would like to invite as many French students as possible so we can create an even bigger and more active FHS for the future,”  Castro said, “I do recommend to join because it takes you beyond the textbook, it’s a great opportunity to spend time with students that share a huge passion for French.” 

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