Ap enrollment dips after first 9 weeks


Sasha Gonzalez

Ap students Dyvanna Soria, Yatziri Lopez and Ramon Uveta work on their Ap III English essays.

Sasha Gonzalez, Reporter

The difficulty of Ap classes is slowly pressing in on students. After the first 9 weeks  some students are dropping Ap courses. 

“About five (Ap)students have dropped (my class), (it’s) difficult (and) they are high college course classes,” English III teacher Andrea Morse said. 

When students decide to drop an Ap class, counselors have to find a class to place them. 

If students decide to drop out of the class, they don’t have to worry about their credits being affected, but they do have to go through a long process of collecting signatures from parents, as well as seeing the counselors for a schedule change. 

“When students drop out of the classes they usually go to on-level English (classes), (the classes are very) rhetoric,” English teacher Michelle Merritt said. 

Students sometimes are afraid to drop out of Ap classes because they think it might affect their credits, or schedule. 

“Ap classes don’t affect your credits, if anything that’s what the class is for, it’s supposed to better their credit,” English III teacher Andrea Morse said. 

Junior Destiny Ortega is enrolled in Ap classes physics and Ap English III.

“The subject that I stress most about is physics”. “(The reason I take Ap classes) is to help me prepare for my college life and future,” Ortega said. 

Senior Fernando Lafon is in Ap English IV but, looked into dropping the class. Lafon wanted to drop because of the stress and to free up some time.

“(It was) very stressful, I felt like I always had to be working on something during my free time or I would fall behind,” Lafon said.   




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