Colleges visit campus


Diego Mendez

Colleges visit campus On College Week, Oct. 21 to help students.

Diego Mendez, Reporter

Colleges visit campus to help juniors and seniors clarify doubts they may have about different schools they may want to attend. With the help of Go Center counselor Julie Rodriguez students can make an informed choice. 

Students are preparing to take that step with a helping hand. 

‘’What I like about my job is to work with the students to do the process of applying to schools and when they are accepted it is very exciting. My parents inspired me to help. They were very good and encouraged me to graduate,’’ Rodriguez said.

Some students do not care much for visiting schools because they think that when they get to college everything will be easy.

‘’I think that the schools that come to campus help answer questions that I have, for example, how much does it cost to rent a room in the college I would like to go,’’  senior Dayana Mendez said.

Some juniors and some seniors still don’t know which university to attend, and don’t feel fully prepared.

‘’I feel quite prepared to take this step because I know that I have worked hardIn school and I know that I will be successful,’’ Mendez said. 

The students see college visits as an opportunity to take a solid step.

‘’When colleges come to campus I am happy because I see this as an opportunity to address my doubts and to take a safe step in the school that I want to choose,’’  senior Sergio Monarrez said.

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