iPhone vs. Android


Angel Rosales

Many students favor iPhones over Android at the moment.

Angel Rosales, Reporter

Some say Androids, others say iPhones. Students are taking sides.

“I switched from an Android because it was old, slow and it was not easy to navigate,” sophomore Daniel Gomez said, “I prefer the iPhone because the camera has very good quality I like how the iPhone has good security even an older one like mine,” Gomez said. “One thing I don’t like is that the screen cracked easily, some of my friends also have this problem,”

Some students prefer different features in phones.

“I switched from an iPhone to a Samsung because my friend convinced me to get one. He told me that when he switched it felt faster than his iPhone,” senior Oskar Rosales said. “I like the newer Androids. I think they have more functions and are more durable. Overall I think the security is the only thing that is better in an iPhone,” Rosales said, “My Samsung runs games faster at a very good quality. The battery feels like it lasts longer and the durability as well.”

Some students want speed, simplicity and top tier camera functions.

“I like the iPhone more because it is faster and to take photos,” junior Brian Escobedo said. “I switched because the battery did not work correctly and it didn’t have useful functions, the iPhones feel more advanced because they have less buttons and are easier to use. I don’t think students should worry about having the best phone because even an older phone like my iPhone 6 helps me to do research and learn I think some students want the newer phones just to look cool.”

Some students just want top tier phones to show off.

“A good part of the debate is because people think it is cool to have a better device than other people,” Gomez said.

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