Principal’s Advisory Committee, a select group


Alondra Monterroza

A PAC meeting is in session Sept.24, with PAC leader Principal Antonio Acuña, sponsor Chris Lopez and member Gabriel Oropeza.

Savanna Torres, Reporter

From student council to theater, there is a range of organizations all students have heard about with the possible exception of one — the Principal’s Advisory Committee (PAC). It is an organization comprised of handpicked students from each class.

In the committee there are six seniors, three juniors, two sophomores and four freshmen.

“Basically, we go around school and take notice of things that need to get fixed. We’re like the 15 other eyes and ears of the principal,” junior Marisa Ramos said.

The PAC members were behind a recent improvement in the boys restrooms. 

“One of the students wanted to have partitions in the restrooms between the urinals and if one of the members hadn’t told me, I would’ve never known,” Principal Antonio Acuña said. 

With only 15 students in this organization, there’s a selective criteria to become a member.

“If the principal trusts you to watch the school for them, you have to be reliable, have good grades and basically have a good reputation,” Ramos said.

In such a close-knit group, they also have the opportunity to form lifelong experiences with each other. 

“We have a tradition where we go to Olive Garden for dinner every Christmas,” junior Julian Martinez said.

Very few people know about this committee even after all the work they’ve done for the school. 

“I think no one really knows about PAC because we have lots to do and we’ve just kept it on the low,” Martinez said. 

Being in such an esteemed organization, has its benefits.

“We get a chord for graduation and (being a member) looks really good on recommendation letters,” Martinez said.

Though it may be tough to get into, members are welcomed. 

“It is selective but if anybody would like to participate in it, just come talk to me,” Acuña said.

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