Transformation of a makeup brush

Senior Zion Preciado demonstrates a dramatic makeup style.

Senior Zion Preciado demonstrates a dramatic makeup style.

Cynthia Alarcon, Reporter

Makeup has changed in many ways, following trends and styles going from natural to dramatic looks. Head director of theater, Marisa Thurman was inspired to do makeup by her mother and older cousins.

“My mother has very long eyelashes like mine so I always admired how she did her mascara. I, to this day, still apply my many layers of mascara the same way she taught me,” Thurman said.

 Makeup has changed offering more skin protection and anti-wrinkle products. 

“I like my skin care products from Mary Kay, their anti-aging creams keep the angry teacher wrinkles at bay,” Thurman said.

 Contouring is a big part in today’s makeup styles, it has been popularized over the past 10 years and is more recognizable than ever.

 “I love the way girls are doing their makeup nowadays. The whole contouring thing, it’s very impressive,” Thurman said.

 Makeup has evolved to become more diverse in style. 

“In college my makeup styles were dramatic because I was a theater major, but it has toned down since then,” Thurman said.

There are many different types of foundations, highlighters, bronzers and lipsticks. The cost of makeup can average from $120 for 14 items at a local drug store such as Walgreens, to about $500 for 14 items at a high end place such as Sephora.

“I may spend, maybe $100,” Thurman said.

The new trend of ‘90s makeup is more in style.

 “I was a teenager in the ’90s and now it’s way more theatrical,” Thurman said.

Makeup plays a huge role on how students express themselves. Senior Zion Preciado has a student’s perspective on her makeup.

“It is love for beauty in the darkness,” Preciado said.

There are no rules on how to do any makeup looks. Being creative is the main goal with makeup. 

“I don’t think I’ve ever liked natural makeup, something has to be added,” Preciado said.

For some practicing with makeup can take a while. It can take weeks to years.

“Over five years I have been doing makeup,” Preciado said.

There’s so many things that can be done with makeup .

“I’ve been practicing avant garde liner for a while and now I’ve seen it become more trendy,” Preciado said.

A love for makeup can even inspire students to pursue a career in cosmetology.

“This is actually a big hobby of mine and I do see myself being somewhat of a cosmetologist or makeup artist,” Preciado said.