Band practices new set schedule


by:Victoria Clemente

Marching band during morning rehearsal, on Sept. 18th

Victoria Clemente, Reporter

Marching band directors Mathew Fernande, Robert Hardem and Roque Orozco changed band practice from afternoons to mornings, July 2. 

“We decided to make the decision to avoid conflict and allow our students to do things after school that they couldn’t do before,” band director Orozco said. 

Band members are comfortable with the new schedule. 

“I don’t mind the change because it gives me more time in the afternoon to do my homework and get ready for the next day,” mellophone player Jose Martinez said. 

Most band students didn’t have time for after school activities before the schedule change. 

“For me it’s fine because I am more flexible with time,” trumpet player Paulina Alferez said. “The first thing I do when I wake up is schedule the day.” 

Although the schedule change allows more after school activities, band members still need to focus on upcoming competitions. 

“The band program is working hard and they all want to win,” Orozco said. 

While this change may be beneficial, band members look for ways to stay motivated.

“What helps me is my brother, he was in marching band and an Honor French Horn,” Alferez said. 


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