Theater students work hard to produce Grease


Grease cast members rehearse Summer Night, Oct. 4.

Diego Mendez, Reporter

After working for months on Grease, theater students and director Marissa Vasquez-Thurman are presenting the musical in December. About 20 people will be on stage during the production. Auditions were held Sept. 3.

The main characters are Danny Zuko (Jerry Miranda) and Sandy Olsson (Janessa Bell).

‘’My favorite parts of the whole play are all the parts where we sing and what tires me the most and stresses me a bit is the organization of all the people on stage and behind the stage,’’ Miranda said.

Vasquez-Thurman and her staff want to produce an enjoyable production.

‘’My favorite part of the play is Summer Night because everyone dances and it is where the girls and boys meet,’’ Bell said.

 The production crew is investing 20 hours a week. It can be difficult to organize so many people at the same time. Both Bell and Miranda enjoy their characters and they enjoy singing in the play. Miranda wants the audience to enjoy themselves.

  “I want is for people to have fun in the play and to come out with a smile from the theater,” Miranda said.

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