Chromebooks, a digital textbook with drawbacks


Angel Rosales

Sophomore Santiago Prendiz uses his Chromebook to play games, Oct. 2.

Angel Rosales, Reporter

Almost 1,000 Chromebooks have been assigned to 500 freshmen and 488 sophomores. Some students use them in class, but many do not use them to do school work. Some think they are a distraction.

“I just use my Chromebook to watch movies,“ sophomore Santiago Prendiz said. ‘’Sometimes it is a distraction because it’s easy to trick a teacher and make them think you are working,’’ Prendiz said.

Other students don’t like to carry their Chromebooks.

“I don’t like to carry my Chromebook because I think I look dumb, but I am forced to (bring it),” sophomore Daniel Muñoz said. ”Some teachers make us use our Chromebooks and if we don’t have it we have to use a textbook.”

Some students use their Chromebook to have fun while teachers are busy helping students.

“If students don’t use their device how teachers ask them to it becomes a distraction,” librarian Elena Ortega said. “Any device could be a distraction because students may want to get on social media.”

Even though students don’t like to carry their Chromebook, most prefer to carry it instead of textbooks.

“Chromebooks should not be a replacement for textbooks we should use both in a balanced way to avoid distractions,” Ortega said.

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