Nipsey Hussle, hero to Crenshaw


Art by Moises Guevara

Nipsey Hussle overlooks his neighborhood from the heavens.

Moises Guevara, Reporter

Ermias Asghedom, stage name Nipsey Hussle, leaned away from a life of gang affiliations to give back to his neighborhood Crenshaw, Los Angeles. Crenshaw is notorious for gang violence, gang activity and poverty. Most artists leave behind their hometown once they find success, but Hussle stayed and worked to bring change.

In 2017 Hussle bought real estate in Crenshaw and opened Marathon his clothing store . This store brought jobs to the community and promoted commerce in an area with little to no commerce. He opened a fish market, barber shop and a burger restaurant. In 2018, Hussle co-founded a science and technology center for underprivileged youth in Crenshaw. Aside from working to revitalize his neighborhood, Hussle bought shoes for elementary students, repaved basketball courts, renovated playgrounds, provided jobs for the homeless and paid for funeral expenses of local families affected by gun violence.  

Hussle started with a mixtape in 2005 which had influences and a sound from ‘90s gangster rap which earned him a following. Epic Records soon signed Hussle, who later went independent. He even put out mixtapes for free for his fans and began to tour. He eventually signed with Atlantic Records which helped him produce his Grammy nominated debut album Victory Lap released in 2018.

Hussle was fatally shot March 31, at the age of 33 in front of his clothing store. He leaves behind two children and his wife Lauren London and a positive effect on thousands of lives he has touched.