The Rush of the food… trucks


Samantha Velarde

Customer orders from Gavilan Grill food truck.

Samantha Velarde, Reporter

The rise of food truck hotspots and their culinary offerings make for a fun twist to late night treats of sweet, savory and salty flavors.

The food trucks may not be ideal for someone on a special dietary meal-plan but that does not stop the public from enjoying the diverse street-food offered. The trucks have a variety of food ranging from barbeque to Mexican cuisine to choose from. Trucks like Pupusas El Paso, Sabor Mexicano and MexiGrill sell Latin American food with spicy, fun flavors to traditional dishes. Sabor Mexicano provide different plates and treats from papas locas, agua fresca, burritos, and tacos. Sabor Mexicano is popular for their taco dish but offers a dinner plate to give a home cooked feeling without the mess.

Different trucks such as El Gringo Loco, are becoming well known for their signature food. El Gringo Loco is best known for their Philly cheesesteaks due to the flavorful, savory, well-seasoned meat. The Triple 7 truck is known for meaty meals such as hot dogs, burgers, tacos and nachos. Triple 7 offer the juicy Texana burger made up of multiple meats including the patty, bacon and ham while their nachos offer meat options such as pastor, asada and discada.


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