Conquistabots compete at FRC competition


Photo courtesy of Mr. Salais

2018-2019 Conquistabots compete at regional competition in Dallas, TX.

Jay Lucio, Reporter

The robotics team placed 3rd at the FRC Competition March 30, in Dallas, TX. Over 100 schools competed and the Conquistabots placed 36 out of the whole state.

The competition is hard because of robot malfunctions.

‘’The competition can be very stressful at times because the robot will have an error in the code or something may break off and we’ll need to fix it as fast as possible before the next match,’’ junior David Salais said.

Many of the team members were busy at the competition.

‘‘The objective of the competition was to build a robot that could score as many points as possible by placing pieces in certain areas  in 150 seconds,’’ junior Juan Lafon said.

Many of the robotics team members are new to the competition. Others knew what to expect.

‘’I’ve been in the robotics team for about a year and it’s been an amazing experience,’’ senior Elizabeth Camargo said.   

The competition helps students develop themselves and improve their learning skills.

‘’I feel like every year we make progress and do better each year because every season is a learning opportunity to improve,’’ Salais said.

The robotics team members like being on the team.

‘’I really enjoy being part of the team because it helps us build strong relationships, and gives us hands-on experience,’’ Lafon said

Being in the robotics team gives the team members a glimpse of engineering.

‘’I joined the robotics team because I have a passion for engineering, I like building things and testing them and seeing if they’ll work. It’s also a great learning opportunity for what engineering is all about,’’ Salais said.

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