“Us” may change the horror genre


Art by Jay Lucio

Jay Lucio, Reporter

From the writer and director of Get Out comes an edgy movie. Us, directed by Jordan Peele, is a great suspense film. Us is not like any other horror movie. This movie has an amazing amount of detail, that many horror movies do not. Jordan Peele might change film horror history.

The plot is about The Wilson’s who go on a trip to the beach with the Tyler family. The trip turns into a nightmare when four masked strangers that look like the Wilson’s come from the woods and force the Wilson’s to fight for survival. People who like suspense and horror movies will really enjoy this film.

‘‘This film was inspired by a show called The Twilight Zone specifically an episode title the Mirror Image, in which a woman is convinced she is being followed by her double, and a man who doesn’t believe her until it’s too late,” The New York Times, Dave Itzokk wrote on March 26.

With a cast including Winston Duke, Lupita Nyong’o, Anna Diop, Yayha Abudulmateen, this movie is a horror masterpiece.

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