Students take a spring trip to Japan


Photo courtesy of Paola Gonzalez, Annette Holguin and Savanna Torres.

Samantha Velarde, Reporter


Students have begun preparing for summer vacation but some have already taken the trip of a lifetime. Eleven students were able to experience the ancient colorful culture of Japan with friends and family March 17-27.

The trip was announced through posters and announcements.

“I got real excited when I saw the posters last year and hearing announcements about the meetings made it surreal,” senior Annette Holguin said.

Students attending the trip could be accompanied by family members.

“I was able to experience the trip with my dad which was unforgettable for both of us and got us to bond more,” Holguin said.

The trip had some bumps.

“The jetlag and 15-hour time difference was difficult to adjust to especially when I was coming back,” Holguin said.

Japan’s environment surprised some students.

“Everything in Japan was green. There were plants everywhere and there was no gum or trash on the floor which was surprising since they have such a big population,” junior Paola Gonzalez said.

Students that went on the trip came back with unforgettable memories.

“We got to see a lot of temples and how Japanese pray. They clap their hands say their name and bow,” Gonzalez said.

Anime influences some of the bigger cities’ architecture.

“I really like Tokyo because of the influence anime has on the capital. It like was a fantasy city,” Gonzalez said.

The food students ate was different, but delicious.

“Japanese food is so sweet. They have so many different flavors like the Kit-Kats and ice cream.” sophomore Savanna Torres said.

Japan is a blend of modern and ancient culture.

“Seeing the modern world and classical world coexist was interesting. One moment we’ll be leaving an ancient temple and the next we’re going to Tokyo Tower,” Torres said.

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