One last hole-in-one


Courtesy of Portraits with Attitude

2018-2019 golf team members Aaron, Ethan, Anson, Alex, Luis, Victor, Miguel, Danni, Hillary, Brianna, Adrian, Kailey, Jackie, and Roman along with Coach Cordova.

Felix Pina, Reporter

The golf season is heading to a close, but members are still playing hard to finish strong.

Throughout the season, players train in the fieldhouse and at Ascarate every Tuesday and Thursday and learn how to hit the golf ball correctly.

“We train for two hours,” golf coach Oscar Cordova said. “The meets run from 3:15 to about 5 p.m.”

Cordova helps new and returning players learn to play.

“This season was alright,” golf player Hillary Monclova said. “The weather made it hard to compete, such as being too hot or cold to concentrate.”

Even though the season is closing, members of the team had their ups and downs.

“It wasn’t our best season,” boys golf captain Roman Guerrero said. “We didn’t put in the right effort.”

The golf players and coach felt the golf season could’ve gone better.

The most exciting and disappointing meet was at the district tournament,” Cordova said. “Although we still made it through, I only get to take one of the two teams along.”

The boys and girls golf team play separately. On some occasions the teams unite as one. The boys team is made up of 20 members, while the girls team have seven members.

The district tournament was played against Eastwood, Ysleta and Eastlake on Apr. 19. Eastwood High School was the victor along with Eastlake landing second place and Del Valle landing third.

“Eastwood has very good players,” Cordova said. “Their players have been playing ever since they were kids.”

The season was full of challenges playing against others, but the players were happy to be on the team.

“I’m proud that I made it to regionals,” Guerrero said. “It was a challenge to get everybody to practice and train.”

The season may not have been the best, but the players and coach hope to better the next season, and stay grounded to the sport.

“Learning how to play golf new players not only learn a new sport, but they learn to also to stay humble,” Cordova said.

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