Forest of Dreams sure to make a dreamy prom night


Daniela Garcia

Official prom invitation

Daniela Garcia, Reporter

Dim fairy lights, vines and trees are sure to set off a magical night in the Tuscany Ballroom, April 27, from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. Students can buy tickets in W204, the field house and W213.

The officers of the Class of 2020 met with English teachers Audrey Gomez and Barbara Vasquez to determine the prom theme.

“We went through catalogues of prom ideas and Pinterest,” Vasquez said. “We threw it all together, narrowed it down, then we voted and slowly made the final decision.”

Pinterest quotes inspired the officers and sponsors leading them on the path to the forest idea.

“I think a big part of it was one quote that we really liked about the forest of dreams that’s printed on our invitation,” Gomez said. “We began by looking into the idea of an enchanted forest, but we didn’t like the title ‘enchanted forest’, we had to look up different titles or names and that’s when we found that particular quote.”

Their goal is to bring the forest in with all kinds of decorations such as lanterns, vines, lights, flowers and trees. To create a mini forest that the students can be immersed in, enjoy and have fun with.

“I think the theme is just perfect. It has a magical touch to it,” senior Paola Muro said. “The idea isn’t too much or not enough, I couldn’t have come up with something better.”

The teachers and officers debated two theme ideas.

“We thought about doing a garden theme,” Gomez said. “But we realized it would be too feminine with the florals so we went with the gender-neutral forest”

Although the officers of the Class of 2020 didn’t implement a certain dress code students are choosing their attire to coincide with the theme.

“I’m planning on getting a navy blue dress with flowers on it to go with the ‘forest night’ idea.

Gomez and Vasquez are optimistic with the decisions they’ve made and the prom they have created.

“I’m hoping it will be a prom most people are happy with,” Vasquez said. “We know that one can’t please everyone all the time but hopefully most will be happy with their prom experience, they’ll have a good time and it’ll be a fun safe night for everybody.”

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