Dumbo reboot takes flight


Daniela Garcia

Movie poster outside Cinemark Tinseltown USA theater.

Daniela Garcia, Reporter

A reboot of the classic movie Dumbo is a massive hit, topping $300 million in the box office. Directed by Tim Burton, the movie tells the story about a struggling circus that discovers their oversized eared baby elephant can fly, making him the main attraction and revitalizing the run-down circus.

Burton took a classic story and modified it to fit his aesthetic. He created a tremendous set and filled it with performers from around the world bringing them together to create a beautiful performance. Burton brought in Eva Green (Colette), Colin Farrell (Holt), Danny DeVito (Medici), Finely Hobbins (Joe Farrier) and Nico Parker (Milly Farrier) as the main characters.

The visuals immerse the viewer into the world Burton has created. It drops the viewer into the unpredictable lives of all whose home is the circus, and depicts the inner struggles of the characters. The movie touches on problems such as isolation, acceptance and family. The movie balances all these tough subjects with light-hearted jokes.

The computer-generated engineering (CGI) elephant created to play Dumbo is a work of art, one can tell all of the effort the team put into the details from its adorable blue eyes to all of the little hairs and wrinkles a live elephant has.

In the movie Dumbo was harassed for his looks, despite all the efforts from the characters to hide his ears, he was the laughingstock of the circus, depicting how unforgivable and cruel humanity can be to those who are different. Dumbo grasps people’s hearts and makes one tear up when anything bad happens to him. The viewer can connect with all of the characters’ hardships making for a greater experience.

The classic story of Dumbo is undoubtedly irreplaceable and holds a crown for what it is. But this version has completely given a new look to, while keeping the nostalgic feeling of, the original film. Burton has created a breathtaking movie for all generations to enjoy.