Venom redux


Illustration by Felix Pina

Venom (Spider-man 3, 2007, left) being pinned by Venom (Venom, 2018, right)

Felix Pina, Reporter

One of Marvel’s iconic anti-heros, alien-human hybrid, Venom, is back with the release of the Venom movie Oct. 5. The main character, “Eddie Brock,” is infected by an alien species known as a symbiote, which can take control of Eddie and make him stronger and faster.

While the movie closely resembles what Venom looked like from the original comics, the character gets a much better upgrade from what he looked like in his previous appearance in Spider-man 3 released May 2007.

The character, Eddie Brock (Topher Grace), in Spider-man 3 (directed by Sam Raimi) was a freelancing photographer for the “Daily Bugle,” a newspaper located in New York. A rivalry with the main character, Peter Parker/Spider-man (Toby Maguire), leads Brock to seek help in killing Parker after being possessed by the symbiote that was previously possessing Peter.

The plot in Venom (directed by Ruben Fleicher) is different from Spider-man 3. In Venom, Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy), is a journalist trying to take down the CEO of the “Life Foundation.” After breaking in and getting the evidence, he is infected by the alien symbiote that later explains his plans to Eddie. In Venom, Eddie is the protagonist, following his character and the development of becoming a hero.

Venom has a different appearance in both movies. In Spider-man 3, Venom mimics the suit of Spiderman, having the black lining around the suit and spider logo in the chest. In Venom, the character is bigger, and slimier. His latest appearance makes Venom look similar to the original Venom from the comics, making an original character that does not deviate from its original creation. The alien symbiote also has a personality in Venom, which makes him an actual character.

Venom had a major upgrade from the last time he appeared. Being given his own personality and his appearance in the new movie does his character justice, making him one of many Marvel’s iconic anti-hero.

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