Mariachi makes a comeback


Felix Pina

Mariachi Los Conquistadores practices, "¿Porque me haces llorar?"

Felix Pina, Reporter

It was fourth period, it was calm, and then a familiar grito echoed through the hallways. Guitars and trumpets started playing along with violins. Melancholy vocals flowed from the commons. For the first time in a long time, Mariachi los Conquistadores is back.

Students were quick to join. The band has nine guitar players, four trumpet players, two violin players, and a singer.

“I was asked if I wanted to join,” trumpet player Javier Sotelo said, “I gladly said yes.”

Some of the students joined as soon as the option was available.

“I believe that it’ll be a fun experience for me and for other students,” guitar player Adrian Silva said.

Mariachi los Conquistadores is taught by Valintin Gonzalez, a 4th generation mariachi and current musical director for Mariachi Los Torites de Valentin Del Castillo.

“It is a pleasure to be given this opportunity,” Gonzalez said.

The band practices in the choir room (164) during fourth period and occasionally after school from 4 to 6 p.m. They play many traditional Mariachi songs such as, ¿Por qué me haces llorar?

Mariachi does not yet have uniforms, they are using a white polo shirt and black slacks temporarily.

“The traje, the Charro, is our personal attire,” Gonzalez said, “We wear it with pride.”

Although the band is back, many don’t know why Mariachi los Conquistadores was discontinued.

“I knew that we had a band before, but never understood why it was cancelled,” Sotelo said.

The previous Mariachi band was not supported by the district, and was dismantled. All that was left were memories and stories of the the old Mariachi band, along with a few people who were in the band.

“My uncle was part of the old Mariachi band here,” Silva said, “as the class came back, he inspired me join the band.”

Fifteen years have passed since the class was closed, but the returning elective found a way to fit back in.

The Mariachi band already competed in UIL, Jan. 24.

“The students put up a great show,” Gonzalez said.

With the return of the band, it adds to the Mexican culture.

“Mariachi music helps us preserve our roots. And anyone can connect with us. Just listen to us, we will help you remember so many things through our music,” Gonzalez said. 

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