Basketball team conquers on back-to-back tournaments


Alan Enriquez

Varsity captain Jacob is focused as he faces his opponent at the Mc. Donald's tournament.

Angelica Ledesma, Reporter


For the first time the boys varsity basketball team faced two back-to-back tournaments. At the San Angelo tournament the boys won 1-3 games, and at the McDonald’s tournament the boys won 2 out of 3 games. The boys play a total of 27 games, as of Feb. 8, they stand 6-10 in district, 15-16 overall.

The McDonald’s tournament showcased the top-ranked and division champion high school basketball team. Teams across the United States faced a big challenge in the event.

“Our team did play with some tough opponents but we work hard to get where we are,” junior Elijah Cortez said.

Practice is key to prepare for games and tournaments.

“The biggest thing we do is practice, it’s the number one way that we attempt to prepare the team,” varsity basketball coach William Churchill said.

Playing in a tournament is different from playing a regular game.

“The tournament is more intense and exciting than regular games,” captain Jacob Villareal said. “That is why people like to come to the tournaments because of how much talent there is.”

During tournaments, scouts are invited to identify talented players. Players look forward into showing their hard work.

“We had number of players that are one-and-done so they end up in the NBA and it’s (an) attempt to get some attention for our kids and for the local players we have here,” Churchill said.

Winning the game means having fun with the team and being competitive.

“The reward is pretty much the satisfaction of competing, playing with your friends,” Churchill said.

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