Keeping it current: Newspaper goes online

After providing the school with information for the past 26 years about campus news and current events, The Expedition is leaving its print days behind to inform via website.

“I love print and I would love to print still, but online is where Journalism is headed and I think it’s important for us to head in that direction. We’ve found a site that is good for us,” newspaper adviser Antonia Seltzer said. “I have been looking for one for a long time.”

The printed paper was available to both teachers and students; now it is found online at

“It’s a smart idea because people who are interested in the newspaper will go online and you guys were wasting a lot of the papers on people who didn’t read it,” English IV teacher Lynne Spurgeon said, “I love your newspaper and I’ve seen the progress throughout the years and it’s just amazing what you have done with it.”

In print, sections were set aside for news, editorials, reviews and features, but space was limited, and some stories written by the Expedition staff never made it into the newspaper.

“I’m glad that we’re headed to the direction of the future. Print is awesome, but now we have unlimited space. I’m excited to see what will become of us,” editor-in-chief Llojan Almaraz said.

The Expedition used to come out monthly, but as costs went up and class time grew shorter, it went to print four times a year; October, December, February, and May.

“Information gets old pretty fast and the staff is here for a limited time, I’m hoping to update often,” Seltzer said, “It will be a challenge.”
Last year, 500 newspapers were printed per issue. The newspaper is available for anyone who wants to read it and the staff hopes to continue to entertain and inform its readers.

“I certainly hope that this takes off. I’ll miss print, but I hope that this opens up a lot of doors, and that students go to the website. The Expedition is the voice of the students and we certainly welcome feedback. It will be an adventure that’s for sure,” Seltzer said.

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