Chromebook losses below 2 percent


Eddie Zepeda

Michael uses his Chromebook in the Academic Center.

Since the distribution of Chromebooks during registration, 1.7 percent have been reported lost or stolen, as of Dec. 7.

The district has no way of knowing if a Chromebook is lost until the end of the year when the laptops are turned back in, unless a student reports it lost. There is a procedure to follow when reporting a loss.

“If the Chromebook is lost or stolen the students should report it to security immediately. Students need to bring the police report to the library to be issued an invoice,” librarian Elena Ortega said.

If a student is leaving the school and they do not have a Chromebook they will have to pay $200.

“Students’ withdrawal and clearance forms will not be signed unless the full amount has been paid,” Ortega said.

A few missing Chromebooks were returned.

“About 10 (Chromebooks have been lost by the freshmen and) most of those were returned to the library. The students got it back,” Ortega said.

There is a variety of benefits in using the Chromebooks.

“Students will be prepared for the real world work force, assignments can be done and submitted electronically which will save lots of money on printed/copier ink and paper, students may review recorded teachers lessons as many times as needed, students without cell phones will have access to the internet and word processing,” Ortega said.

Ortega believes it was a good idea to give the freshmen Chromebooks.

“This was an investment in our students’ future,” Ortega said “The district feels it is important to prepare students students for the real world. The real world work force  uses computers for just about everything.”

Upper grade levels have the option to check out a Chromebook.

“Other students may check out Chromebooks with their school I.D. if there is one available,” Ortega said.


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